Meet Kate, a Vanya Bride who truly captures the essence of why we do what we do at Vanya Designs. Her journey is a testament to the magic that unfolds when dreams are transformed into reality.

Kate's journey began in Washington State, where she found us on Google and reached out, just six months away from her wedding. We quickly dived into a virtual design consultation, pouring over her inspiration photos to understand her vision.

We started with a virtual design consultation, where Kate shared her collection of inspiration photos. Her vision was clear, and we were determined to bring it to life. It's in these initial moments of collaboration that the foundation of Kate's dream gown was laid.

What sets Kate's story apart is the beautiful inclusion of her mother in the virtual fitting process. We guided both mother and daughter through the adjustments and fine-tuning of the gown, making it a cherished, collaborative experience. The bond between them deepened as they shared these precious moments of anticipation and creativity.

Kate’s feedback was crucial throughout the journey. After receiving a mock-up lining for the initial fitting, we meticulously refined every aspect of the design. Kate's request for more defined boning on the exterior of the gown added an exquisite, personalized touch, making her gown truly one-of-a-kind.

Ensuring the perfect fit was our top priority. Before sending out the gown, we re-measured it against her current measurements to ensure a perfect fit. When she received her dress, it fit her impeccably, without the need for even a hem adjustment. From concept to creation, we adjusted every detail until she was 100% in love with her design.

Kate's happiness and the flawless fit of her gown on her special day are our greatest rewards. Her story exemplifies why we do what we do –  bringing to life the vision you've been dreaming of for your special day.


-Vanya Designs Bridal


February 07, 2024