Without a doubt, every bride deserves to feel like the beautiful and loved woman she is. 

Especially on her wedding day. But when wedding boutiques only stock sample dresses to fit the “average” size, this may feel almost impossible if you’re on the curvier side. This, combined with the style limitations you seem to face and any particular pain points you may have, might make wedding dress shopping seem a little, if not a lot, daunting.

Something that’s especially important to remember when wedding dress shopping is that you have options. Lots of them. You can add sleeves or lace details to most dresses, alter your dress’s neckline and back, and, of course, have your dress adjusted to fit your unique set of measurements. Our talented alterations team can help you feel beautiful in just about any dress you buy off the rack.

A good second reminder is that no style is off-limits. 

While it’s true that sample dresses with cookie-cutter sizing may look best on the “average” body proportions, any dress can look beautiful on you with the right alterations. Yes, even mermaid gowns. Yes, even sheer backs. I promise.

If you’d rather not worry about navigating alterations, creating a custom wedding gown is our favorite option. From the very beginning of the process, you’ll work with a designer one-on-one to create the perfect gown for you. Through a series of fittings with size and style adjustments along the way, we can create a gown that’s 100% your style and address any insecurities that may come up.

Wedding dress shopping might feel difficult for you as a curvy bride, but it shouldn’t have to be.

Whether you’re looking for alterations or a custom gown, our Vanya Designs team is here to help you feel beautiful no matter what. Let us know how we can bring your dress dreams to life. Finding the perfect custom wedding gown has never been so easy. 

February 15, 2023