Supposedly, there are two types of people.

There are the ones who can perfectly visualize anything, even if it doesn’t exist yet, and the ones who can’t. My name is Emma, I’m one of the most recent Vanya Brides, and I happen to be the first kind of person.

By the time I was ready to shop for a wedding gown, I already knew exactly what my perfect dress looked like. But like many other brides, I learned that finding a dress in a store that perfectly matches your day-dreamed creation (and your budget) is basically impossible.

Fortunately for me, I began working at Vanya Designs as a marketing intern three months before I got engaged. This is how you find yourself the perfect wedding dress designed by your boss. 

As I learned more about Alicia’s process, saw so many of her gowns in person and in photos, and even got to wear a few for a photoshoot, I decided there was no better way to get my perfect dress.

After spending months creating Facebook posts, blog posts, and marketing emails about Alicia’s custom dresses, I was excited to experience the design process for myself. During my first consultation, I got to see Alicia sketch my dress and got to feel a sample of the exact fabric it would be. I officially booked my dress that same day.

Every fitting, I got to see my dress get a little closer to its final form. But even though I knew I was in good hands, I couldn’t help but worry that my dress might not actually look exactly the way I imagined it would. I can be quite a picky person when it comes to little details, but my fears were put to rest when Alicia happily adapted to my requests and concerns. The custom design process allowed me to be part of my dress’s creation the whole way, and that was a huge help for my little nerves.

I had my very final fitting about two weeks before my wedding, and I was overjoyed that my dress turned out so beautiful and so perfect.

While trying it on one last time in front of the huge studio mirror, my main thought was, “Alright. I’m ready to get married.”

I felt so beautiful on my wedding day

And I know that was largely because of my wedding dress. It was perfectly cut and sewed by the best designers I know, and at the end of the day, I was a little sad to take it off. I’ve been raving about Vanya Designs professionally for over a year, and I’m so glad I get to do it personally now, too.

If you’re engaged or going to be soon, I cannot more highly recommend getting a custom dress from Vanya Designs. It’ll be the easiest wedding planning decision you make.

January 05, 2023