Here’s What You Need to Know 

No matter the style of your wedding dress, there’s a pretty good chance it carried a hefty price tag. As well it should, considering the delicate fabrics, the stunning designs, and any alterations done to make your dress look made for you. When you combine this material value with the emotional connection you might have to a dress that represents so much love and commitment, the result is almost priceless.

Since wedding dresses are an important part of your big day, many brides choose to have their gown preserved. If you aren’t familiar with the term, wedding dress preservation is the process through which wedding gowns are specially cleaned and packaged to retain their beauty for many years to come.

So how does it work?

The first component of wedding dress preservation is professional cleaning, because all of the dancing, eating, drinking, sweating, and outside photos on your wedding day often result in less-than-desirable stains. Without proper cleaning, even invisible stains can eventually break down the delicate fabric of your dress and make it appear yellow in color. Even if you don’t opt for full preservation, professional cleaning is a must.

The second part of wedding gown preservation is preparation for long term storage. After being thoroughly cleaned, your dress will be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and placed in an oftentimes air-sealed archival box. It is generally recommended that the box with your dress is then stored in a dark closet or under your bed away from the light. These steps are important for preventing yellowing, fabric decay and insects from affecting your dress. 

Why is it important?

For some brides, wedding gown preservation might not seem like a necessity, and that’s okay. Preserving your gown will be most beneficial for you if you hope to have your daughter or granddaughter wear your dress as an heirloom gown someday, if you plan to resell your gown, or if you might wear it for a vow renewal ceremony in the future. Even still, dress preservation is a popular choice for brides who simply want to keep their dress as beautiful as the day they walked down the aisle toward their happily ever after. 

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February 15, 2023