Six months to a year.

That’s how long we usually like to spend on a custom wedding dress.

But when a bride gets married less than two months after getting engaged, flexibility is key.

Taite, our latest Vanya Bride, got engaged on Halloween. She and her fiancé told their families at Thanksgiving, and they set their wedding date for December 27th. Talk about a busy few months!

Taite tried on dresses at several stores, but nothing fit and looked quite the way she wanted it to. She found the same dress at two different stores and loved certain parts of it, but neither store had the dress in her size, and neither store could order and alter her dress as quickly as she needed. And as we all know, off-the-rack dresses aren’t always cut to flatter a bride’s unique proportions.

That’s where I entered the picture.

February 18, 2023