From Vanya's Perspective -

These are the best tips for newly engaged couples!

Tip #1- Love is in the air.

Did you get engaged over the holiday season?! We love seeing photos from fall/winter proposals. From magical Christmas lights to sleigh rides we love to see the creativity fly! In the midst of the holiday season, life can get busy! Make sure you savor your engagement. Take time with your significant other and cherish the first couple of weeks of being an engaged couple. These are the days you won’t get back before wedding planning officially begins.

Tip #2- We need to talk. 

“We need to talk” is the worst start to most conversations when it comes to being a couple… except this time. Before you begin wedding planning, take time to have those serious conversations to get on the same page. What do each of you envision your big day looking like? Surrounded by your closest friends or a party with hundreds of people? You may realize that you have different ideas of what a wedding should be. Find compromise BEFORE putting any down payments down on wedding expenses.

Tip #3- Thank u, next. 

Wedding planning should look a lot like a job interview process, except you're in the driver’s seat. Take tours of different venues and ask questions. What does it cost? Do they help with set up/clean up? Do they have any add ons that will make your life easier? Your heart may be set on a dream venue but after seeing and hearing from multiple venues you may find a better value in a hidden gem.

Online reviews and word of mouth are great ways to vet out different venues as well!

We hope these tips help you head in the right direction before official wedding planning begins! And when it comes time to shop for your dream wedding gown, we know a place with amazing reviews.

January 05, 2023