As much as we love the wedding gown, no wedding style is complete without a few key accessories.

To give you some inspiration and helpful tips, we created a list of some extra-fun wedding day accessories for you to think about as you perfect your wedding day look.

Here are some Fun Wedding Day Accessories:

1. Shawl or Wrap

For a winter wedding, you might want something to provide some warmth for those snowy outdoor photos! Or perhaps you want to add coverage to a bare-shouldered dress. In either case, you may want to add a shawl or wrap to your dress. Fashionable and functional!

2. Gloves

For a posh and extra-elegant look, gloves might be just the accessory you need - especially if the ‘Rona has you not wanting to touch all those well wishers at your wedding. Gloves could be lace, satin, long or short, and will add just the type of detail you wouldn’t get anywhere else. We think gloves are everything right now!

3. Belt or Sash

A belt, whether beaded or in the same fabric of your dress, can define your waist and glam up your style.

4. Evening Bag or Clutch

You hopefully won’t have many items to keep track of on your wedding day (that’s part of your bridesmaids’ jobs, after all!), but a small clutch for essentials you’d like to keep handy can be an excellent addition to your outfit. 

5. Garter

Traditional yet optional, garters are one other accessory to keep in mind. Garters aren’t typically seen for most of your wedding day but can make an appearance during a garter toss or as part of your wedding night lingerie. Garters can be made in any color and in just about any style.

6. Cape

Capes are a modern alternative to veils and have just as much variety. Whether long, short, laced or beaded, there’s sure to be a cape that works with your dress. For inspiration, check out the capes in our collection here. 

7. Barefoot Sandals

One last idea for a relaxed summer wedding, that you might never have thought of is barefoot sandals. Perfect for adding a fun touch of style for a backyard or beach wedding.

Of Course, Here are some Traditional Wedding Day Accessories (but with a modern twist):

1. Shoes

Partly because they’re functional and partly due to the added style, no wedding day outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. It’s important to match your shoes to the occasion, meaning that stiletto heels might not work so well for a garden affair, but for the most part, your options are wide open.

You can always stick to a neutral and classic shoe, but many brides will choose to use their shoes to add a pop of color or sparkle.

Pro-Tip: At minimum, be sure to decide on your heel height before your first fitting to ensure your hem is stitched to the right length.

Bonus Pro-Tip: Kate Spade Keds (pictured right) are a super popular and COMFORTABLE wedding shoe right now! Shop the collection here

2. Veil

A veil is one of the first accessories you might think of when you picture a bride’s look, which makes perfect sense considering the veil’s popularity. Veils can be made in a variety of lengths, ranging from birdcage to cathedral, and in a variety of styles, including lace, beading, or minimal.

Check out our post explaining the different styles of veils here

3. Hair Pieces

Depending on the hairstyle you choose, you may need a bridal hairpiece to pull your hair back or tie your look together. We personally love the hair vine and glam hair clips for a modern look. 

4. Jewelry

Your wedding band may be the most important piece of jewelry on your wedding day, but it doesn’t need to be the only piece you wear. An elegant pair of earrings, a statement necklace or a beaded cuff bracelet are just a few ideas to help you get started. 

Pro-Tip: We have several styles of jewelry in our studio for you to try on with your dress. 

5. Undergarments

While less of an accessory in the traditional sense, every dress needs to be paired with supportive and complementary undergarments. Be mindful of the neckline and back of your dress when you shop, and think about whether you’d like bra cups added directly to your gown. 

When it comes down to it, all accessories are completely optional. Your wedding day is your own, and your outfit should be as well. If you have any custom accessories in mind, let us know! We are here to help bring your wedding day vision to life.

February 18, 2023