If you’re a modern bride dreaming of looking like a princess in the perfect ballgown with the most elegant, cathedral-length train for your wedding, you’ve probably already thought about the challenges that come with it. If you haven’t, we’re not here to crush your dreams. I promise. 

As beautiful and as dreamy as they are, ballgowns and long trains don’t make it easy to dance the night away, go to the bathroom, or even walk, for that matter.

But that shouldn’t stop you from being able to wear the dress of your dreams as you walk down the aisle and as you dazzle everyone in your wedding photos. 

That’s where convertible wedding dresses come in. 

Convertible dresses give you the best of both worlds—a stunning look for your ceremony and a practical yet still stylish look for your reception. 

The Vanya Designs Spring 2020 Custom and Convertible Collection’s dress options each feature a removable overskirt to make the transition between looks as seamless as possible.

For example, the Elizabeth and the Anna, make this as easy as untying a ribbon or undoing a zipper to reveal the equally beautiful dress, romper or jumpsuit underneath!

“Custom and Convertible” means you have the chance to design your dream dress from top to bottom

AND change your look from ceremony and reception without sacrificing style—because you deserve to have a dress as unique and as beautiful as you, and loving every moment you're in it.

Does a Custom and Convertible gown sound exactly like what you’re looking for?


February 18, 2023