Customized Suits

  • Choose your style.

  • Choose your color.

  • Tailored to your measurements.

Our industry connections have allowed us to provide high quality suits. With Krevat Customs you will have a perfectly fitted tailored suit at an affordable price.

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The only thing sharper than a great suit is a great suit that’s been tailored to fit the man in it. We have abundant experience in tailoring menswear.

Have you ever considered how much the fit of your clothes affects the impression you make? Here’s what one of our clients, Aaron had to say about that:

"I remember the first time I asked a friend of mine who was a model in his younger years, ‘How do you always look so good?’ As he laughed he said, ‘You know, Aaron, people rarely wear clothes that actually fit. It is surprising what tailored shirts and pants (not skinny jeans, mind you) can do to make you look good.’ He's right. Since then, I've had many of my shirts and coats fitted by Vanya Designs.”

"I can’t say enough good things about Vanya Designs! Purchased a suit for my daughter’s wedding and was in Saturday to get it fitted for the final alteration. My friends said “isn’t it amazing what a good seamstress can hide?” Alicia made the whole appointment pleasant and quick! Thanks for a great experience! Definitely will return for any future needs!"

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