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Everything you need to know about our Virtual Design Process.

If you are a local bride who’s meeting with us in person, please view our Custom Design FAQ page.

Virtual Design Process

How much does it cost?

Our couture gowns start at $4000. Most Vanya Brides invest around $5000 on the gown of their dreams.

Heirloom Re-Design prices range from $2000-$3800.

The price of your gown will depend on your unique design needs, including type of fabric, details, beadwork, and hand-applique'.

Our gowns are made to measure which should reduce or eliminate added alteration charges.

To request a quote, please fill out this form or text photos to (316) 285-6025.

Do I pay for my dress at the time of ordering? Or do you accept partial payment?

How long does delivery take?How do you ensure my dress will fit?Are there any hidden costs?What is your return policy?What method of payment do you accept?What if my shape or weight changes after I order my gown?How does "Made to Measure" work?How do I take measurements?Do I pay for shipping?What is a Design Kit?How often can I check in on my gown?


Can you do special alterations?How long does it take for wedding gown alterations to be completed?How long do formal alterations take?What should I bring to my fitting?Is steaming included in my alterations price?What is your alterations policy on garments purchased elsewhere?

Gown Preservation, Restoration & Cleaning

How long does gown preservation take?Is gown preservation done in house?How much does gown presesrvation cost?Do you offer wedding gown cleaning?Do you offer vintage gown restoration?Do you require payment on alterations up front?


Do you offer tuxedo rentals? How much are they?Can the groom keep his suit?Can you do menswear alterations?What is a Bespoke Suit?

Shipping, Payment & Return Policy

How much is shipping?What is the booking fee for?How long until I receive my custom gown?What methods of payment do you accept?What’s your Return Policy?What is your respect policy?

Vanya Designs Location

Are you handicap accessible?What is your cancellation policy?Where do I park?

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Do I pay for my dress at the time of ordering? Or do you accept partial payment?

A deposit of half down (50%) is required. A payment schedule will be agreed upon to pay the balance of your dream gown. Your gown must be paid in full prior to final shipment.

How long does delivery take? 

We suggest ordering your gown at least 6 months prior to your wedding date! Your lining or “mock-up” will be shipped within 4-6 weeks of placing your order. Your completed gown will then be delivered 4-6 months after you order. Learn more about how we ship our dresses here.

How do you ensure my dress will fit?

There will be a series of virtual checkpoints. The first will be a lining or “mock'-up” fitting. We will ship your lining to you and virtually help you and a friend pin and mark any adjustments. During this fitting we will determine any fit and design features.  At this point, design features, style lines, and fit can be changed. There may be an additional charge for design changes made at this point. Please note that once the garment is cut in the selected fabric, very few (if any) changes can be made to design and style features. Upon delivery, we will alter your garment one time at no additional charge unless your measurements have changed, in which case standard alteration rates would apply. For more information about our design process, click here.

Are there any hidden costs?

Definitely not! Together, we will agree upon a design based on our discussion, pictures and a sketch, and fabric samples. A price quote will be given at the initial meeting. In some cases, the bride may want to change a design element after we’ve quoted the gown. If the design change will add to your price, we will let you know at the time the change is requested.

What’s your Return Policy?

Because your wedding gown is custom and made-to-order, there are no refunds.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, Venmo and PayPal. *PayPal payments will have a 3% service charge added.

What if my shape or weight changes after I order my gown?

The garment will be custom-made according to the initial measurements taken or provided.  If there is an active weight loss plan in place or if a pregnancy occurs, it is necessary to notify Vanya Designs immediately. If the garment needs to be significantly altered due to weight loss or gain after the first fabric fitting, there may be an additional charge. If you have notified us regarding any significant measurement changes at least two weeks prior to the second or final fabric fitting, this additional charge may be waived.

How does “Made to Measure” work?

We will assist you and a friend virtually with how to take your own custom measurements! Our expert designers will then sew your gown from scratch, based on the the measurements you have provided us.

How do I take measurements?

Your designer will be with you virtually to guide you on measurements! We will send you a detailed instructional guide. However, if you’re still worried, we’ve also made an instructional video for you to watch here!

Do I pay for shipping?

Nope! Your shipping costs are included in the price of your custom gown!

What is a Design Kit?

Our Vanya Design Kit includes everything you will need on your end to assist us with your gown. You’ll receive a measuring tape, fabric swatches, lace samples, a sketch of your dream gown and more information about our process!

How often can I check in on my gown?

We will schedule a series of Virtual Checkpoints with you where you will meet with your designer and see the process of your gown. You are included every step of the way! Your designer will send you images, too, so you’ll always know how your gown is coming! (Just make sure future hubby isn’t around!)

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