Redemption Collection

Redemption is our exclusive bridal collection, the first collection we have created in the 15 years Alicia V. Ybarra has been designing in the Wichita area. While helping women of all shapes and sizes create a dazzling look for a momentous event, we noticed a common theme.

Redemption is the first collection I have ever created, in the 15 years I have been designing. Since opening my business and working with women of all shapes and sizes, I noticed a common theme. Each woman, no matter her size, will focus on the one flaw she percieves in herself. We all have insecurities and we tend to focus on those negatives. Our goal is for our clients to leave seeing themselves as the beautiful person that their friends and family members around them see! We launched Redemption to raise funds to provide rescue and support for victims of sex trafficking. The collection was inspired by these women- women who have lost all sense of worth and value. I believe that every person deserves a chance to feel beautiful, loved, and valued no matter their background or insecurities. The collection will tell the story of creating beauty from ashes- healing from brokenness- redemption from pain.

Redempton is soft and romantic, vintage-inspired and whimsical. Staying true to the company’s mission, the collection comes with interchangeable mix and match features that will appeal to different personalities and body types. You will see removeable trains and skirts, detachable capes and jewelry pieces, and convertible dresses. These features will allow brides to customize their gown to fit their own personalities and style.

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