Say YES to the Dress!

One of the most special things we have the privilege of doing is re-designing a vintage heirloom gown for a brand new bride! This gown was handmade and worn by Molly’s mother and grandmother before we re-designed it into Molly’s dream dress.

We thought that it would be so fun to share a sneak peek at the behind the scenes process of a custom re-design. In this photo you can see how Grandma admires the gown that she remembers her daughter wearing.

Part of what makes this process so special is the opportunity to witness the joy and emotion as Mom and Grandma reminisce about wearing this gown, and are trying to remember how to tie the bow.

The first glimpse at the gown coming to life comes as Alicia tucks and pins the fabric to give Molly an idea of how a new look could be fashioned from the heirloom piece.

Alicia listened to Molly’s ideas and sketched a design utilizing all the pieces of the original heirloom gown and went over the pricing.

After several fittings, and tweaks and tucks, Molly was ready to walk down the isle!

Here’s to her very own happily ever after, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother.

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