Introducing our new Vintage Sustainable Collection

A collection of unique and classic wedding gowns from the 1950s through the 2000s. With this collection, we hope to help brides-to-be that are environmentally conscious and stylish find the gown of their dreams.

Because here’s the thing…many brides want a vintage wedding dress, but they’re harder to come by than you think—If you don’t just happen to have a treasured heirloom gown laying around that’s one battle, but what about redesigning it?

So we thought…

”Why not offer a curated collection of vintage gowns, that brides can purchase and our expert team of designers can redesign?

“One of my specialties as a designer is turning vintage gowns that my brides’ bring in from their mom, grandma, or a thrift store into modern and fashionable wedding dresses. While creating a custom gown from scratch easily takes at least 20 yards of new fabric, my average vintage redesign only takes 3 to 5 yards. Since vintage redesigns only require around 25% of the fabric that a whole new dress takes, this makes them super sustainable!

I’ve done at least 250 vintage redesigns with my team... 

... since my first one in 2013, which has saved more than 50,000 square feet (well over an acre!) of new fabric from being used.” -Alicia Ybarra, Lead Designer

A percentage of our Vintage Sustainable Collection will be donated to Harbor House.

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January 05, 2023