Weddings can be expensive

Many brides try to save money where they can. But as designers who regularly fix botched alterations for desperate brides close to their wedding date, we think your wedding dress is one place you should never cut corners.

Just this week alone, we’ve saved FIVE brides from alterations disasters done by seamstresses who were rushed, didn’t have the right knowledge, or just didn’t take enough pride in their work. On one dress, the seamstress had incorrectly taken in a seam at the waist by stitching through multiple layers at once instead of taking them in individually. This made the dress look bulky on the bride, so the bride came to us to fix it. On another dress, the bride wanted a design change that her first seamstress wasn’t able to do.

We’re different from alterations shops, because we’re a team of designers who:

  • Take pride in our work

  • Want you to feel as though your dress was made for you from the beginning

  • Use our fashion design degrees to put dresses back together using the same techniques as the original manufacturers

  • Treat every dress like a top priority, whether we’re working on 1 or 500

When it comes to bridal alterations, we know you want them done right the first time.

So save yourself the hassle (and money!) and come to us from the start for a finished dress we promise you’ll love. As far as we’re concerned, your dress is the most important one. Trust us, you don't want to risk nightmare alterations on your dream dress. 

January 05, 2023