Custom Suits by Vanya

I’m sure you’ve heard about our custom wedding gowns by now, but have you ever thought about custom suits for grooms? If you haven’t, no worries! This post will give you all the information you need because your dream guy deserves his dream suit!

Another word for custom suits is “bespoke,”

Which means custom-made specifically for one person instead of being mass produced.

Bespoke suits make formalwear easier for men who are harder to fit or don’t want to bother with the cost of alterations. They also make it possible to craft the suit exactly to your groom’s liking—including color, fabric and style! Custom suits are much more luxurious than suits you can by off-the-rack, which is a huge plus for more fashion-forward men.

Depending on where you go, bespoke suits in the United States can range from $500 to $5,000. Our suits start at $750 and have an average cost of $1,000, with fabric style being the main cost factor. That might sound a little pricey, but that’s because we don’t charge for any additional alterations.

We’ll tailor each suit exactly to your groom’s body measurements to make sure he’s 100% satisfied.

We sew all of our custom gowns in our studio, but we use a family-owned tailoring company in Hong Kong for our bespoke suits. They’ve been in business for three generations, pay fair wages, and place a high value on master craftsmanship. They manufacture custom suits for other designers, but only allow one store per major city. Because we design your suit in-house, no one else will ever have your man’s exact suit. The options for fabrics and and styles are nearly infinite, including special requests that might not be in our catalog and swatch books.

When you two come in for a suit consultation, we recommend that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, including colors, the time of year you’ll be wearing your suit, and your preferred style. Do you want slim fit or regular? Do you want a suit or tuxedo? Do you also want a vest or custom shirt? The more you prepare beforehand, the smoother your consultation will be. You can even send us photos for inspiration, just like our brides do!

Our philosophy is that if a bride gets a fancy dress for her special day, her man should be able to get something special for himself, too!

Check out our menswear page for more information or schedule a suit consultation today.

January 05, 2023